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Dec 12, 2010

[Tips]: Youtube and Facebook -ing Tips..


Kalau korang boring tunggu youtube streaming video terlalu lama.. here's the solution :)
       Play snake game on youtube... cara-cara :
            - Buka video dan tunggu streaming keluar                                 
            - Bila video streaming hold ctrl + left arrow key + up arrow key serentak
            - Cara alternatif, hold left mouse button + left arrow + up arrow
            - Now you'll see that streaming circle start to move like a snake
            - Control the movement of the snake using the arrow key 
            - Try to get dark background to increase visibility
                          Have Fun! :)



(1) Photozoom

Berita baik buat si Stalker dan si Photographer... Korang boleh view gamba dengan lebih cepat tanpa perlu click.. Korang tak perlu click dan tunggu gamba untuk streaming.. Korang letak je mouse kat gamba, gamba akan full view beserta caption sekali.. button untuk on/off juga disediakan kalau korang da naik rimas.. hehe. Easier and Faster!

     First, download the : - extension for google chrome here!
                                         - add-on for mozilla firefox here!  

               Then just install and play!! xD

(2) Update your status
 And update your status via : - via Blackberry
                                                  - via iPhone
                                                  - via Android
                                                  - via Windows Phone 
                                                  - and many more...

click here and just click on your device! here!

--> p/s : Just simple.. kalau korang buat tak jadi, komen sini ya :D


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